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11 Easy and Fun Ways to Spread Joy In Your Neighborhoods During the Quarantine

Connecting with others in socially safe ways and keeping our spirits up over the next few weeks is extremely important. Here are 11 ways we can all spread a little joy throughout our neighborhoods, spread joy and help others feel loved during this time of uncertainty. Spread the word! I would love to hear your awesome ideas of spreading joy and kindness.

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Paint and hide kindness rocks around your neighborhood for everyone to look for as they walk around. A great way to have fun, de-stress and get fresh air. You can find and make your own or purchase a kindness rock kit.

I also recommend using these no mess rock paint markers that dry quickly.

Decorate your yard with yarn or purchase a lawn yard kit. Be creative and show off your creative lawn art for neighbors walking by or driving by to let them know they are loved.

Buy a variety pack of differnet yarns here

Use chalk to color your streets and sidewalks with encouraging messages and fun pictures. A wonderful way to be artistic and spread joy throughout the neighborhood with art.

Make your own soap kit. Since soap has been hard to come by in many stores recently, create your own custom made soap and share with neighbors. It's a good reminder to keep washing our hands.

Who doesn't love bubbles? Create giant bubbles in the neighborhood while still keeping your distance. Sanitary fun.

This 4 pack of large bubble wands is a great option for neighborhood bubbles galore.

Another fun bubble option is this:

Have neighbors hang stuffed animals in their windows and walk, bike, drive or run around the neighborhood seeing how many animals you can find. It's extra fun to give little kids binoculars when searching.

7. Christmas Light Corona Cheer:

Put Back up Christmas lights to spread cheer during the coronavirus.

8. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunts:

For St. Patrick's Day our neighborhood decorated and hung paper Shamrocks and placed them in windows of their homes so that families could find and count them as they walked though or drove through. You could do the same with paper easter eggs, rainbows, smiley faces...get CREATIVE!

9. Responsible Distancing Happy Hour:

Set up lounge chairs 6 feet apart and BYOB, wine or your favorite drink and sit and chat from a distance with your friends/neighbors.

10: Pop on the Block: Neighborhood Dance Party

Have a 15 minute dance party on your street or in your cul-de-sac at a designated time each day! Bring out your portable speaker and live it up.

11. FaceTime Play Dates:

Seeing friends, family and neighbors is important. Schedule FaceTime, Zoom calls or record a Marco Polo to stay connected and keep your spirits up.

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