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Best Activity Kits for Families to Make Your Self Quarantine a Bit Easier (Most under $20)

Since I know most of us are self quarantining and may be struggling coming up with ideas of what to do, I spent quite a bit of time putting together some of our favorite family kits/activities. I'm sharing with the hope to promote intentionality, creativity, stress relief and fun during this time of uncertainty. One thing I love is that most of these suggestions are all in one kits, which makes life much easier not having to get a bunch of individual supplies! Aside from a few highly recommended Amazon items, our family has personally used the majority of items I'm recommending below. Please feel free to reach out if you have specific questions.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support in this way.

Rock Painting Kit (All Ages)

Great for painting kindness rocks and hiding them around your neighborhood and spreading joy.

Lawn String Kit (All Ages)

Fun for showing off your creative lawn art for neighbors walking by.

Sidewalk Chalk (All Ages)

A wonderful way to be artistic, color your driveways and spread joy to your families and neighbors through art.

Soap Making Kit (Ages 6 and Up)

Make your own soap kits since it's hard to find in stores and share with neighbors.

Wowmazing Giant Bubbles for the family and neighbors 6 ft away neighbor fun.

Face Painting Kit (Ages 3 and Up)

Our kids LOVE face paint! Let them be creative.

Thank you to the clever person who came up with this idea! These nature explorer kits are great for outdoor kid/family exploration and entertainment.

This highly rated scavenger hunt can be played indoors and out!

A fun create and carry art kit to use indoors or outdoors.

A highly rated, outdoor scavenger hunt card game that can fit in your pocket and be lots of fun for kids.

A highly rated, outdoor scavenger hunt card game that can fit in your pocket and be lots of fun for kids and families.

Candy Making Kit (Ages 7 and Up)

Make 40 different candies! Great for kids, teenagers and adults.

Outdoor Game Kit (Ages 5 and Up)

Fun outdoor game great for kids, teenagers and adults with an easy to carry case.

A fun kit to introduce your kids to gardening.

A fun kit to introduce your kids to gardening.

Gardening Kit (Ages 8 and Up)

A great heavy duty gardening kit for older kids to adults.

Highly rated fun, water play zone for young kid.

A highly rated kit to create your own color changing slime!

Durable Outdoor Fun Waterslide (Any age up to 350lb weight limit)

Amazon's choice for durable, long lasting waterslides...and hours of fun!

Slip and Slide (Ages 2 to Adult)

An affordable,16ft slip and slide.

Play-Dough Kit (Ages 2 and Up)

36 containers of non-toxic play-doh that will entertain for hours.

Terrarium Growing Kit (Ages 6 to Adult)

Grow and Glow Terrarium

An award winning book making kit! Mom's Choice award

Young Detective Kit (Ages 7 and Up)

Collect Evidence and Catch The Criminal Toolkit

Insect Lore grow your own butterflies kit. Fun for the whole family.

Grow Ladybugs Kit (Ages 4 to Adult)

Grow your own ladybugs from larva to adult. Family fun!

Balloon Animal Kit (Ages 4 to Adult)

100pcs Balloons, Handheld Pump and Balloon App and Video tutorials

Lego Building Gadget Kit (Ages 8 to Adult)

Klutz Lego Gadgets Science & Activity Kit

Science Experiment Kit (Ages 6 to Adult)

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment Kit

Paper Airplane Kit (Ages 6 to Adult)

Create and Customize 20 Paper Planes

Tie Dye Kit (Ages 6 and Up)

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

Laser Tag Kit (Ages 8 to Adult)

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag - Game Mega Pack - Set of 4 Players - Infrared Laser Gun Indoor and Outdoor Group Activity Fun

Smores Kit (Ages 8 to Adults)

Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker with 4 Compartment Trays for Graham Crackers, Chocolate, Marshmallows and 2 Roasting Forks

Outdoor Picnic Kit (Ages 6 to Adult)

Picnic Basket Tote | Picnic Shoulder Bag Set | Stylish All-in-One Portable Picnic Bag for 4 with Complete Cutlery Set | Salt/Pepper Shakers | Cheese Board | Cooler Bag for Camping | Insulated Tote Bag

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