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Fabulous Fun in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Since we have be trying to focus more on intentional parenting, I planned a "mommy/daughter" trip to a city we'd never visited before, Chattanooga, TN. We stayed at a cute little studio airbnb in downtown which was very walkable to the Aquarium, Creative Discovery Children's Museum, Chattanooga Choo Choo, etc. On the second day, we learned that you can take the free electric shuttle if you don't feel like walking. Electric shuttle busses run daily from the Chattanooga Choo Choo to the Tennessee Aquarium. This was fantastic with kids and only a 4 minute walk from our airbnb.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Rock City to try to go to Rock City's Fudge Kitchen and watch them make fudge front of you. After getting there we realized you had to have tickets to get in. We last minute changed our plans because what's a fun getaway without a little spontaneity? We ended up driving about 30 minutes to meet a new friend/world traveler in our Fly Us to the World: Travel, Family and a Budget Group

Nikki gave us a tour of her beautiful property, introduced us to her goats and quails and gave us all the insider info needed to have a great Chattanooga experience with kids.

Our next stop was the Tennessee Aquarium. The Aquarium is split into two sections: Ocean and Fresh Water. We preferred the Ocean section. The girls loved the hands on experiences of touching the sting rays, horse shoe crabs, butterflies and enjoyed watching the playful penguins. We stayed at the aquarium for about 4 hours until we forced ourselves to leave to grab some lunch at Rembrandt's local coffee shop. We wished we had brought some Amazon boxes along because Rembrandt's was near Cardboard Sledding Hill. This is large hill where people use cardboard to slide down the giant hill. The hill is located at 4301 Amnicola Highway, near Chattanooga’s North Shore. This is a must do for us next time and it's FREE!

Sunday morning we got to visit the Creative Discovery Children's Museum. The girls had a blast building, creating, discovering, making music, art for many hours. We loved that they had both indoor and outdoor exhibits for kids. Learning through play is so important. I highly recommend this for families with young kids. We loved this wonderful city and look forward to coming back again soon to try Ruby Falls and Coolidge Park.

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